Who can join student council?

Student Council is open for students in grades 5th through 8th.

Mrs. Clapper and Mrs. Rohn are the sponsors of this club.

How often does Student Council Meet?

This is a year-round club that meets several times a month. Members usually meet on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays. Mrs. Clapper and Mrs. Rohn understand that many students like to participate in other school activities and sports, so they are flexible with attendance. Information is always posted on the Student Council Google Classroom page so that members can find out what they missed.

What does Student Council do?

Student Council strives to inspire our members to become responsible, contributing role models for our school community.

Some examples of these contributions include fundraising efforts to collect things including food for the local Swansea food pantry, winter items for shelters in East St. Louis, and pet supplies for the local Humane Society.

Members also help promote the Word of the Month, play Bingo at the Cambridge House retirement home several times a year, and make goodie bags for the people at the retirement home. They also volunteer their time when needed by the school.

The Student Council does participate in the Fall Festival. They have two booths, both run by the students. They man a game, and they sell large suckers. The money from the game and sucker sales goes to supplies for goodie bags, prizes for fundraisers, positive reinforcements for state testing, and more.

For more information contact our club sponsors: